About EcoSmart Choice

RECs used by AMP for EcoSmart Choice are certifiable under the rules of the Green-e® Energy program operated by the Center for Resource Solutions. They are currently sourced from hydroelectric, landfill gas, or wind facilities.


AMP operates the Belleville Hydroelectric Station located on the Ohio River at the Belleville Locks and Dam. As additional hydroelectric projects are developed, more hydro RECs will be available to support the EcoSmart Choice program.

Landfill Gas

AMP purchases the electric output and owns one-half the RECs that are generated from three Ohio landfill gas facilities located in Loweville, Oberlin, and Port Clinton.


AMP operates Ohio’s only utility-scale wind farm, located at Bowling Green. While the RECs from this facility are not available at this time, AMP’s development of additional wind projects is expected to add wind RECs into the mix for the EcoSmart Choice program.