American Municipal Power Inc. (AMP)

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is the nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 135 member municipal electric systems in nine states; 84 are in Ohio, 29 in Pennsylvania, six in Michigan, six in Kentucky, five in Virginia, two in West Virginia, one in Indiana and the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, a joint action agency headquartered in Delaware. Combined, these public utilities serve over 650,000 customers. Formed in 1971, AMP has a long and proven record of project development. AMP also serves as the project manager for a number of Ohio Municipal Electric Generation Agency (OMEGA) joint ventures throughout the state.

AMP is headquartered in Columbus and has 177 employees at headquarters and generating facilities. A Board of Trustees made up of member community officials governs AMP.

AMP members receive their power supply from a diversified resource mix that includes: wholesale power purchases through AMP and on the open market from investor-owned utilities and marketers; energy produced at individual community owned generation facilities; and municipal generation joint ventures; and distributed generation strategically sited throughout Ohio, using natural gas and diesel technology.

The organization offers a variety of services to its member utilities to assist in the provision of a reliable, cost-effective power supply. These services include power supply planning, engineering, financial, environmental, generation, legal, public relations and other support services.

AMP is active and recognized in state and federal regulatory, legislative, economic development and electric industry activities. AMP’s solid financial status and strong management structure has been recognized by the financial community, which has consistently awarded strong ratings to AMP controlled debt.

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